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Physioworks is a physical therapy clinic that specializes in the treatment of patients with a wide variety of problems by utilizing manual therapy. The specialized service we provide is quite different from most people's previous physical therapy experiences. If you have a problem with pain or limitation of function, particularly if you have been unsuccessfully treated with previous physical therapy or chiropractic, we urge you to read further and decide for yourself if you would benefit from our care.

Manual therapy is an evaluation and treatment process based upon the uniqueness of the individual and his/her problems with pain and dysfunction. After a thorough 45 minute evaluation to determine the areas of your body that exhibit mechanical restriction in the motion of the joints and soft tissues of the spine, head-cranium, rib cage, pelvis, abdomen and extremities; treatment begins utilizing a variety of hands-on techniques individually directed to your specific problems.

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As musculoskeletal pain is typically the body's response to a mechanical injury or a mechanical process, these manual therapy techniques are carefully selected to promote an improvement in soft tissue mobility and joint function, thereby creating a decrease in pain. These mechanical injuries may have been recent, as in the case of a recent motor vehicle accident, or may have occurred many years prior resulting in a cumulative breakdown in the function of the body. Since everybody is different, 45 minute one-on-one therapy sessions are used to allow the therapist ample opportunity to get to know your body, how it responds to treatment, and to make the necessary changes in its function to assist you in regaining mobility, decreasing pain, and resuming your lifestyle. The treatment process is typically dynamic from the standpoint that specific body areas are treated according to the manner in which the patient's body changes during this process over the course of several weeks. The goal of treatment is to provide an improved level of function, in essence changing the way your body works. "Treating the problem behind the pain."

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At Physioworks, we pledge to: